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JROP Healthcare / Echocourse.in ensures that every transaction you conduct online is in a safe and secure environment. If you have any additional queries or concerns please email us and we will reply within 24 hours.




This privacy policy, which sets forth our policies regarding the collection, use and protection of the personal information of those using the www.echocourse.in. Personal information means information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and credit card number.


We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy, and become familiar with it, but you should know that we do not sell or rent our customer’s Personal information to third Parties.


Please note that we review our Privacy Policy from time to time, and we may make periodic changes to the policy in connection with that review, Therefore, you may wish to bookmark this page and / or Periodically review this page to make sure you have the latest version. Regardless of later updates, we will abide by the privacy Practices described to you in this Privacy Policy at the time you provided us with your personal information.




JROP Healthcare / Echocourse.in to act as the professionals for the courses in consideration and on the terms & conditions and on the terms, conditions herein after contained.




JROP Healthcare / Echocourse.in will arrange any service/s i.e. Accommodation, Conference hall and Transport etc… for delegates attending the symposium and will be responsible for:- All Accommodation Venue Management. Services would vary from course to course. Registrations or consumers are requested to refer to the individual terms and conditions given on the detailed page for respective / individual course/s.






Guest/Delegates are required to pay 100% of the total amount advance for securing the seat in the respective course/s.




Any cancellation 15 days prior to course dates, retention charges shall be applicable.


Changes in the name is also not permissible.


In case if the course is cancelled, the organizer will be responsible for the costs payable in connection with the planning of the course up to the date of cancellation, The time invested and all expenses directly attributed to the cancellation will be reimbursed for all expensed for all expenses incurred i.e. deposits , advances paid by JROP Healthcare / Echocourse.in on behalf of the organizer to venues or suppliers or any other party etc. on the instructions of the organizer.




Neither the organizer nor PCM individually or collectively, shall be considered at fault in performance of their respective obligations if such performance is prevented or delayed because of war, hostilities, revolution, civil commotion, strike, epidemic, accident, fire, wind flood, earthquake or because of any law and order proclamation, regulation in the ordinance of government or subdivision there of or because of any act of God or for any cause beyond all reasonable control of the party affected.


The changing of venue dates, structure of the conference and attendance there in or the actions of the organizer will not be constitute the force Majeure State. It is incumbent on either party to inform other party within 30 days of such occurrence as mentioned above.

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